About The 20th Anniversary edition of Johnstown, re-mastered & extended:

Both Ungerleider’s singing and songwriting are rich and dramatic’s remarkable how bracing and startling Johnstown is all over again.
8 out of 10
— Uncut Magazine
Johnstown is still as strong as it was 20 years ago and as far as I am concerned it deserves a place in the list of Americana folk-classics
— Moors Magazine, The Netherlands
Were this to be released today as an unknown artist, it would undoubtedly be acclaimed once again as the arrival of a volcanic new Americana talent with a great future ahead of her. They’d not be wrong.
— Folk Radio UK
...there are music-lovers that would have completely missed this in 1999 who are blown away by it in 2019; I’m right at the front of that queue...This is an album that I genuinely wish I’d heard twenty years ago and I’m sure I’ll be listening to in another twenty years.
Five stars
— Music Riot
if Tangled & Wild, with it’s understated pedal-steel and super-soft drum and guitar accompaniment was only being released by Oh Susanna in 2019 as a brand new song; critics would hail it is a Masterpiece only made possible by 20 hard years at the coal face of songwriting; yet here it is on Suzie Ungerleider’s debut album in 1999 and a whole career was yet to unfurl.
That’s how good this song, and it’s fair to say …… this album is.
— Rocking Magpie UK

About Oh Susanna & Michael Johnston’s


Oh Susanna & Michael Johnston’s Decemberly - 4 out of 5 stars
This is sheer beauty, stripped down and wonderful. Oh Susanna sings while Michael Johnston plays piano and it is wonderful. “City Snow” is near perfect, “City snow is stop and go, and I miss you”. Simple, and stunning. The cover of “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve” brings in the melancholy and is one of the best versions of the song I have heard in quite awhile. This is exquisite and one of the best Christmas releases this year. I know this will become a perennial favourite in our household.
— Spill Magazine

About A Girl in Teen City

“A Girl in Teen City” is an exquisite song cycle set in 1980s Vancouver, represents a second coming for the rootsy Toronto-based songstress.....her thoughtful and tuneful coming-of-age is universal.
— The Globe and Mail
[Oh Susanna’s] well-crafted and poetic lyrics will transport you back to a time and place redolent of both the excitement and self-doubts of youth....A Girl in Teen City is totally charming.
Rating: 9/10
— Exclaim Magazine
She comes across as a quietly rebellious girl next door type politely kicking over the traces - refreshingly down to earth yet nobody’s fool.
“A Girl in Teen City” is a gorgeous piece of work. There’s something here for anyone who appreciates the art of songwriting and great musicianship. I haven’t heard a better, or more complete, album this year so far.
Rating: 5 stars
‘A Girl In Teen City’ is a triumph for Suzie Ungerleider and it’s a pleasure to accompany her on her journey down memory lane.

— Americana UK Magazine
Writing about growing pains and bringing what is essentially a teenage diary to life was an ambitious thing to do. On “A Girl In Teen City”, Oh Susanna does it with passion, skill and a universal touch that makes this a thing of beauty.
Rating 8.5/10

— Maximum Volume
The first thing that needs to be stated is A GIRL IN TEEN CITY is a totally adorable album. Susie Ungerleider aka Oh Susanna has come up trumps with a superb piece of work that transcends both the gender in its title and location in its theme. Substitute Vancouver BC in your imagination for any urban or suburban area of the western world will enhance your engagement with what Susie has set out to do. What is essential though is to tap into her mind set and fire up all the trials and tribulations of your heartfelt nostalgia.
A coming of age diary set to music...the bitter sweet stories of pleasure and pain sound real and heartfelt.
a golden hand to write beautiful melodies
For Oh Susanna, the charm is in all the details
— The Record
[A GIRL IN TEEN CITY] is a real delight, the lyrical vignettes are endearing & relatable, whether you’re a city girl or a country boy.
Oh Susanna Returns with ‘A Girl in Teen City’ LP
A Girl In Teen City is an exceptional retrospective of a young life as we have known it all in one way or another.

About Oh Susanna

Her narrative force, incisive and amazingly detailed lyrics, and simple musical approach mark her as an artist to watch.
Oh Susanna has become a musician to be reckoned with…. The strength and intensity of her voice has an edge that conveys the evil of country blues.
**** – July 2003
— UNCUT Magazine
*** Essential Americana Album – July 2003
— MOJO Magazine
A solo performance by Oh Susanna is a singularly spine-tingling event.
— The Georgia Straight
Oh Susanna has that rare ability to recapture American mythology that places her in the rich tradition of Leadbelly, Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen.
— Drop D Magazine
Oh Susanna (album) - Critics’ Top Albums of 2003
Sleepy Little Sailor – Critics’ Top Albums of 2001

Suzie Ungerleider (aka Oh Susanna) might be Canadian, but she started some slinky Appalachian fox, emoting songs of death and dying and ghosts and jail in a parched voice of rustic mountain yip. Her latest album (a self-titled affair) shows how much she has grown, how far she has traveled, and yet also how true she has stayed to her roots. It is some feat, and some album. Reminiscent of Janis Joplin, Carole King, Maria McKee, even Crazy Horse, “Oh Susanna” is a big, whiskey-soaked rock album – but still with a deft folk twang and deep country roots. Where once she tippy-toed through the gloom and the gloamin’, now she swaggers full-force in the sun like a bastard. It is sultry and sensual, strings-drenched, guitar crunching, horn-driven fare. Wonderful in fact.
— Time Out London