From kicking down gravel strewn alleys to evenings tinged with salt air, Oh Susanna’s new album A Girl In Teen City, traverses to the most personal place yet: a conjured, vivid past.  This album earned three Canadian Folk Music Award nominations: English Songwriter of the Year, Contemporary Singer of the Year, and Producer of the Year.

Produced by Jim Bryson
Released in 2017

Track listing:

  1. Flashlights

  2. Wolf Boy

  3. Lucky Star

  4. My Boyfriend

  5. The Darkroom At The School

  6. Getting Ready

  7. Tickets On The Weekend

  8. Walked All The Way Home

  9. Waiting For The Blossoms

  10. Thunderbird

  11. Puget Sound

  12. My Old Vancouver


A killer collection of songs written by some of Canada's finest artists especially for Oh Susanna.  This album earned Oh Susanna a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination for Contemporary Singer of the Year.

Produced by Jim Bryson
Released in 2014

Track Listing:

 1. Oregon by Jim Bryson
 2. Into My Arms by Joel Plaskett
 3. Goodnight by Royal Wood
 4. Cottonseed by Keri Latimer
 5. Wait Until the Sun Comes Up by Ron Sexsmith
 6. Mozart for the Cat by Melissa McClelland
 7. Provincial Parks by Old Man Luedecke
 8. Letterbomb by Luke Doucet
 9. Loved You More by Amelia Curran
10. 1955 by Jay Harris
11. Savings & Loan by Rueben De Groot
12. This Guy by The Good Lovelies
13. Dying Light by Jim Cuddy
14. I Love the Way She Dresses by Ron Sexsmith & Angaleena Presley


A collection of stories featuring characters that face hard luck and hard choices, but still manage to survive. Q Magazine writes that the songs on Soon The Birds "transport the listener to a distant, unknown world and then bring them back feeling like they’ve lived another life." This album was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music award for Producer of the Year.

Produced by David Travers-Smith
Released in 2011

Track listing:

 1. Drunk As A Sailor
 2. Your Town
 3. See What Promises Can Bring
 4. By Rope
 5. So Long
 6. Pretty Blue Eyes
 7. Millions Of Rivers
 8. Long Black Train
 9. Lucky Ones
10. What Old Friends Do
11. Soon the Birds


“On Oh Susanna’s aptly named Short Stories, Oh Susanna uses her clear and lonesome country voice to tell sweetly poignant tales about people who are damaged by love or bullies, take off on a Greyhound bus to look for their long-lost daughter or fall in a heap on the floor, shot dead.” Elle Magazine  

Short Stories was nominated for a Juno Award for Best Roots and Traditional Album by a solo performer.

Produced by Suzie Ungerleider, Cam Giroux and Bazil Donovan. Released in 2007

Track listing:

 1. Pretty Face
 2. Beauty Queen
 3. Bullies
 4. Three Shots
 5. Greyhound Bus
 6. Miss Liberty
 7. Schoolyard
 8. Pretty Penny
 9. Holy Roller
10. Billy 4
11. Filled with Gold


About Oh Susanna’s third full length album, Time Out London writes, “Oh Susanna is a big, whiskey-soaked rock album – but still with a deft folk twang and deep country roots.  Where once she tippy-toed through the gloom and the gloamin’, now she swaggers full-force in the sun like a bastard.  It is sultry and sensual, strings-drenched, guitar crunching, horn-driven fare. Wonderful in fact.”

This album was nominated for a Juno Award in the category of Best Roots and Traditional Album by a solo performer.

Produced by Colin Cripps
Released in 2003

Track Listing:

1.  Carrie Lee
2.  Unknown Land
3.  Right By Your Side
4.  Mama
5.  The One
6.  I’ll Keep It With Mine
7.  Cain is Rising
8.  Little White Lies
9.  Down By The Quarry
10. The Fall
11. Zoe


About Sleepy Little Sailor, renowned music critic Greil Marcus writes, “There’s the echo of the North Carolina mountains in her voice, but you can also hear Sarah McLachlan.  You can also hear someone with nothing to prove….Ungerleider puts you on the street as she sees her lover with someone else, letting you feel his tongue in her mouth.”

This album contains the Genie award winning song "River Blue".

Produced by Colin Cripps
Released 2001

Track Listing:

 1. Sleepy Little Sailor
 2. River Blue
 3. I’ve Got Dreams to Remember
 4. Kings Road
 5. All That Remains
 6. Beauty Boy
 7. Sacrifice
 8. Forever at your Feet
 9. Ted’s So Wasted
10. St.Patrick’s Day
11. Ride On


Oh Susanna’s first full length release, Johnstown is a contemporary folk masterpiece brimming with ghostly songs of melancholic beauty and menace.  Oh Susanna’s voice evokes a cinematic narration to simultaneously warm the heart and chill the blood.

Produced by Peter J. Moore
Released 1999

Track listing

 1. Johnstown
 2. You’ll Always Be
 3. Alabaster
 4. Old Kate
 5. The Bridge
 6. Oh My Good Ol’ Gal
 7. Walking
 8. Parallel Rail
 9. Pueblo
10. Back Dirt Road
11. Home Soon (The Cherry Song)
12. Tangled & Wild


Oh Susanna’s hauntingly beautiful debut is infused with an Appalachian murder ballad sensibility and timelessness that offer listeners a voice and songs that are starkly mesmerizing.  Recorded in a day in a scrappy downtown Vancouver rehearsal space this raw and real collection of first songs was the one that started Oh Susanna’s musical journey twenty years ago.

Produced by Dan O’Connell
Released in 1997

Track Listing:

 1. Crooked Down the Road
 2. Shame
 3. All Eyes on Baby
 4. Deathyard
 5. Missoula
 6. Roll Me On Home
 7. Jackson Wilson